20 credits

Whimsical porcelain dreamscape with birds and flowers

The image is a black background with a floral pattern. The pattern is made up of colorful flowers, leaves, and birds. The flowers are mostly pink, yellow, and blue, with some green leaves. The birds are blue and white. The pattern is repeated throughout the image.
The image is a black and white drawing of a circular structure. The structure has seven interlocking rings, each with a series of small circles arranged around it. The rings are connected by a series of lines. In the center of the structure is a larger circle with a smaller circle in the middle.
The image is a mandala with a central flower surrounded by eight smaller flowers. The central flower has red and pink petals with a green center. The eight surrounding flowers are white with yellow centers. The mandala is also decorated with various other shapes, including circles, triangles, and squares, in shades of blue, green, and brown. The background is white.
The image shows a branch with pink and purple flowers and green leaves. There are four birds of different colors on the branch. Two butterflies are flying near the flowers. The branch is decorated with golden curls. The image is drawn in a realistic style.
The image is a watercolor painting of a colorful abstract shape. The colors are yellow, green, blue, and red. The shape is round and has a hole in the middle. The painting is signed by the artist, "A. Moradi."


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